Rural Road Safety for Motorists

From spring to fall, Alberta farmers and ranchers are back in the fields. This means an increase in slow-moving equipment on rural roads, which can create a hazard.


  • Be aware of slow-moving farm machinery. The typical speed of a piece of farm machinery is 30-40 km/hour. You need to slow down to react! Be patient.
  • Watch for vehicles marked with slow-moving vehicle signs (a bright orange triangle with a red border) and flashing amber lights.
  • Equipment is large and may take up more than one lane.
  • Do not drive in equipment blind spots where operators cannot see you. Keep back a safe distance — at least 50 feet, when following.
  • Never assume. Watch for hand signals. Just because a tractor veers right does not mean the operator is pulling over for you to pass.
  • Be aware of intersections where farm equipment might turn. Also, equipment might unexpectedly turn onto a public road from a field or driveway.
  • Do not expect equipment to run partly on the road shoulders. Farm machinery operators will stay on roadways whenever possible.


Remember to share the road. Be safe and be seen.

Rural Road Safety Tip Sheet

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