We are all Agriculture

Agriculture is critical to every aspect of life, whether you are a city-dweller, a canola grower, rancher, or tend to a backyard garden. It is the foundation of Alberta’s society and economy, helping to feed 7 billion people and providing jobs for millions of Canadians.

Through our educational programming to children, youth and adults across Alberta, we are helping to increase the understanding of agriculture. With better education and understanding, we can build trust with consumers in order to continue to farm in ways that make sense for the environment, the economy and farmers.

We need your help to continue to deliver educational programs that increase the understanding of agriculture and farm safety. Donations, large or small, help us strengthen the voice of agriculture and reduce farm injuries and elevate the importance of a viable food producing community. If you are ready, please join the Friends of Ag for Life by making a donation today.

To get started visit: Agricultureforlife.ca/supporters/make-a-donation

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