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Ag for Life tells agriculture’s positive story

Alberta’s farmers want the good story about the work they do heard loud and clear, and so does Ag for Life.

“As farmers, our ultimate goal is to ensure we’re producing safe food and that we’re doing it safely and sustainably,” says grain farmer Carmen Sewell. “The education, the safety programming and the wonderful events Ag for Life organizes are moving in the right direction to spread the positive message about agriculture here.”

How is Ag for Life getting the word out? It’s all about connection and education.


Carmen attends ConnectHER, Ag for Life’s networking events where women in the industry mingle with others looking to hear more about it.

“We’ve heard from some ladies who’ve had impressive careers in the industry talk about their experience and give advice,” she says. “The ConnectHER events are agriculture-focused, but anyone is welcome. Any time we can get people outside of the industry interested in learning more about it is a great opportunity.”


Scientist David Pinzon volunteers with Ag for Life’s educational programs. He’s helping Alberta’s youth understand the ways farmers use science to feed our growing population.

“We give some flavour to students about what agriculture is about and why innovation is necessary,” he says. “We’re helping kids and teachers appreciate the role farmers play in our lives, how much goes on behind the scenes to produce the food we eat and that farmers are the ambassadors and stewards of the land.”


Retired farmer Joanne Kaliel has a passion for educating Alberta’s youth about agriculture and she’s a fan of Ag for Life’s Rural Safety Unit.

“I would like people to understand that everyone is aware of the dangers and risks involved with overworking, having children around equipment or livestock and the need for ATV safety,” she says. “Therefore, people love to bring Ag for Life’s programs to schools, fairs, colonies, farmers’ markets and sponsored events. The response has been so positive everywhere we go.”


Ag for Life board member, Hon. Ted Menzies is proud to be part of telling the good story around farmers caring for the land, the environment and the safety of food as well as the people who produce it.

“The disconnect in understanding is not because people don’t care about agriculture, but because they’re disconnected from agriculture and the farm. They’re interested, but don’t know who to go to,” he says. “Everything is changing, and farmers have to feed more people than ever. How do we understand this? It all comes back to education and understanding how to relay the message.”


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