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The agriculture industry accounts for over 60,000 jobs across the province and it continues to expand. The world can’t live without food, and as the global population grows there will be increasing pressure to produce more while using less resources. Alberta is a major player in the world’s food supply chain and the challenges of the future have already come to Alberta to be solved. With this challenge comes career opportunities for today’s youth.

Career opportunities are bright for students interested in the industry. Ag for Life’s See Yourself in Agriculture Careers Expo allows students to explore the endless career and entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture, educational requirements, salary expectations and employment prospects that the sector has to offer.

Just like in farming, planting a seed early and nurturing that seed can have lasting benefits.

The See Yourself in Careers program is a half to full-day agriculture career exploration for junior high and high school students. In small groups, classes will have the opportunity to travel through a series of stations, participating in hands-on activities while they learn about different ‘clusters’ of careers in agriculture. This program has multiple connections to both high school and junior high programs of studies. In particular, Career and Technology Foundations and Career and Technology Studies outcomes will be focused on as students build their career portfolio. As well, science, biology, social studies, CALM, and language arts outcomes will be addressed.

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