Safety On The Farm For Youth

Safety is always a top priority for families, but when a family lives on a farm with heavy equipment, livestock and other potential safety hazards, learning to avoid potential dangers is critically important.

Now, thanks to $10,000 in funding from Corteva Agriscience, young people will be able to access the Safety on the Farm for Youth  from anywhere in the world through Ag For Life’s new online Safety on the Farm for Youth module.

“We are excited to announce a new online Safety on the Farm course developed in partnership with Agriculture for Life,” says Beverly LaFortune, Vice President, Training & Community Services for St. John’s Ambulance.  “The course is intended to help families living and working on farms and ranches prepare for emergencies and create a culture of safety with their children. The course is also ideal for use in rural school settings. Having the course available online reduces barriers to learning by increasing accessibility for anyone with a computer or tablet and internet connection.”

The new online course is interactive, engaging, and suitable for those 12 years of age and older. The Safety on the Farm content includes valuable information about common hazards on farms, potential risks, injury prevention, emergency response procedures and control measures to reduce hazards. The program is interactive, engaging and provides learners the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge through scenarios and practical activities. The finished plan will be available in both an electronic or print version and will allow users to include emergency contact numbers, locations of fire extinguishers and first-aid kits, as well as directions to the house and other areas of the farm.

The course includes five custom narrated and animated first-person scenarios that prompt the user on how they would like to continue. The course will also feature portions designed to spark further thought, and ends with a short quiz.

“It’s important to plant the seeds of safety early so children and young adults have an opportunity to live and work on farms and ranches injury-free,” says LaFortune. “Agriculture is one of the most hazardous occupations worldwide. Each year in Alberta there are more than 18 agricultural related deaths and hundreds of injuries.”

The new online course is an extension of the First Aid and Safety On The Farm training program launched by St. John’s Ambulance and Ag for Life in 2017 to help families who live and work on farms prepare and respond to emergencies.

“Going online with this information for young people was just a natural next step,” says Luree Williamson, CEO of Ag for Life. “Obviously it’s impossible to physically come to every farm in Alberta to do this training. By offering it over the Internet, we can reach an exponentially larger audience.”

The course is available at

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