Rural and Farm Safety Programs

Our safety programs help educate, encourage and promote rural and farm safety among children, youth and adults across Alberta. Participants in our programs receive education through a variety of hands-on experiences that take learning beyond the classroom and into the field.

Rural Safety Unit

The Rural Safety Unit aims to teach youth and their families about rural and farm safety, with seven interactive stations for hands-on-learning.

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Farm Safety Walkabout

The Farm Safety Walkabout booklet tackles safety issues common across a range of farms, with a checklist for farm operators to run through with family, friends or even new employees.

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Ladies Farm Safety

Focused on farm injury prevention, the program provides a series of demos and discussions with safety experts and local farm families.

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Young Farm Worker Safety Days

Young Farm Worker Safety Days provide hands-on safety training to high school students, so they can identify hazards and work to keep themselves and those around them safe on the farm.

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