Rural and Farm Safety

Agriculture is a way of life, but one with inherent risks. When it comes to physical safety, the industry is considered the third most hazardous in Canada, and in terms of absolute numbers of fatalities it is deemed to be the most dangerous occupation.

From 1990-2009, in Alberta:*

  • 355 Albertans were killed in agricultural injury events.
  • This equates to an average of 18 deaths each year, 4 among children aged 0-14.
  • The top five causes of agricultural fatalities aged 15 – 60+ include:
    • machine runovers
    • machine rollovers
    • pinned or struck by a machine
    • animal-related
    • machine entanglements
  • Children aged 0-14 include:
    • runovers
    • drowning
    • rollovers
    • animal-related causes.
  • 89% of those fatally injured as a result of agricultural work were male.
  • 47% of the fatalities were farm owner/operators.
  • 65 per cent of all agriculture deaths in Alberta occurred from May to October.
  • The highest proportion of deaths occurred in September with 14 per cent, this was followed by August with 13 per cent and October with 11 per cent.
  • The pattern of death rates by age group in Alberta is similar to Canadian rates.

The goal of Ag for Life is to greatly reduce the number of farm injury and fatalities by providing educational safety programming to rural Albertan’s of all ages. 

Click here to learn more about Ag for Life rural and farm safety programs.




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