Its Ag for Life’s mandate to support producers and their families by providing rural and farm safety education, and sharing agriculture’s message with Albertan’s so they can develop an understanding an appreciation of its role in their lives.

To do this, Ag for Life collaborates and supports the delivery of educational programming to children, youth and adults across the province. Reaching over 60,000 Albertan’s last year, Ag for Life continues to expand and reach deep into the heart of rural communities.

Ag for Life is pleased to support the following programs:

Classroom Agriculture Program 

The Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP) is a well-known and highly respected agriculture education program that is currently reaching over 20,000 grade 4 Alberta students annually. CAP has been operating in Alberta for over 25 years. With the support of Ag for Life, the goal for the next three years is to expand program distribution to reach 30,000 Alberta students annually.

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Little Green Thumbs 

The Little Green Thumbs program helps elementary to high school students understand where food comes from and the impact fresh food has on their health, the environment and their community through active participation in classroom gardening. Indoor gardens are living classrooms that make learning concepts such as nutrition, sustainable food systems and agriculture literacy exciting and relevant. Ag for Life’s goal is to continue to support the Little Green Thumbs Program Delivery Partners  with 150 classrooms gardens, reaching approx. 5000 students. 

Current Little Green Thumbs Program Delivery Partners include:

“This has been such an exciting experience for all of us in Room 20! Thank you so much. We are all so grateful to Ag for Life for the funding and the Calgary Zoo for choosing us to participate in this program. The garden has provided and will continue to provide us with so many wonderful learning experiences in all of the subject areas. I could write pages telling of all of the ways we have already used this wonderful garden. It has inspired us all in different ways. Again, thank you so very much on behalf of the Room 20 learners (students and adults).”  Nedra Dreyer, Cambrian Heights, Grade One Teacher

If your organization is interested in delivering Little Green Thumbs contact Ag for Life for more details

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City Slickers 

The Multicultural Heritage Centre City Slickers program is a powerful one day event that introduces Grades 4 and 5 students to the many facets of agriculture. Children develop firsthand an understanding and appreciation for food, where it comes from and how it is produced from gate to plate. The City Slickers Program brings together farmers, producers and consumers. With Ag for Life’s continuing support, a scalable delivery model has been developed.  Similar events in Innisfail and Athabasca have given over 500 students the chance to spend a day immersed in the agriculture sector.

If your community is interested in hosting a City Slicker’s event contact Ag for Life for more details

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Alberta Open Farm Days 

Alberta Open Farm Days is a collaborative, province-wide, two-day event that gives Albertans an opportunity to experience the farm and understand where their food comes from. It is a backstage pass to meet the farmer, experience Ag-tourism in Alberta and taste local foods direct from the producer.

Open Farm Days has taken place in Canada for about 10 years, starting in the Maritimes and moving West. This year marks the launch of Alberta’s first Open Farm Days.

In Alberta, Open Farm Day is on August 23-24, 2014. Our goal is to showcase Alberta’s agriculture and tourism industry in a fun, engaging and meaningful manner to participants of all ages.

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