Partnering in the community to make a long-term difference.

Ag for Life’s mandate is to deliver educational programming that will serve to improve rural and farm safety and build a genuine understanding and appreciation of the impact agriculture has on the lives of Albertans.

Great farm safety and agricultural educational programs already exist in Alberta. Unfortunately, many of these programs are struggling to continue due to a lack of proper sustainable funding; many are only local in nature and can’t be expanded because of limited resources. The result is that good programs don’t become great programs, and great programs can’t be shared with others who would benefit from them.

Through close collaboration with community groups, educators, existing not for profits and other expert resources, the Ag for Life approach is to partner with those successful and in-demand programs that already exist or with organizations that offer new and innovative ideas. Through multi-year funding support, we work to leverage these programs into more scalable and sustainable programs.  The approach reduces duplication of programming and connects community leaders to effective programs and practices.

All programs must be built with qualitative and quantitative performance measurements in place; with a strong focus on actions and outcomes. It’s not Ag for Life’s intent to fund numerous programs, quality of programs is more important to us than quantity of programs. We don’t want to be an inch deep and a mile wide.

The Ag for Life business model envisions a transitioning of agriculture education and rural and farm safety funding and programming in Alberta to one that is coordinated, collaborative, sustainable and effective across the province, having a greater impact for all stakeholders.

To help us accomplish this, Ag for Life has created two independent Advisory Councils; one for farm safety and another for agriculture education. These councils include individuals who understand their community needs. They include diverse experts in the area of rural and farm safety and agriculture education who can work closely with stakeholders to ensure that we’re providing programs that are not only impactful, but relevant.

Agriculture for Life invites you to contact us if you have a program that is aligned to our mission, vision and criteria. If you have a high quality program that you believe can be shared across Alberta with our support, send us a brief outline to or call 403.931.2951 for more information.

Program Criteria includes the following:

  • Rural and Farm Safety and/or Agricultural Education and Literacy oriented
  • Program works to connect and close the gap between Rural and Urban Audiences
  • School based and/or community based delivery model
  • Applicable to and scalable across Alberta
  • Ability to achieve measurable improvement


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Thank you for your interest in Ag for Life.

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