Feed Your Future


FEED YOUR FUTURE is a new and exciting one-day event hosted by Ag for Life for young women in Grades 9 – 12 with an interest in agriculture and food production as a potential career pathway. This unique event has been designed to showcase the many opportunities that the industry provides to women and to outline the elements of personal success.

The first Feed Your Future will be held March 18, 2020 in Calgary, AB.

A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: Five Ingredients to Feeding Your Future

1. Mental Wellness
2. Physical Wellness
3. Personal Development
4. Building Your Brand
5. Networking & Connections

This unique event has been designed to showcase the many opportunities that the agriculture field provides to women, and to showcase elements of personal success.

This will be the inaugural Feed Your Future event, with the goal of reaching young urban and rural women of all backgrounds and ethnicities. The first event will be held in Calgary, with plans to expand to Edmonton, and the Medicine Hat/Lethbridge areas next year. 

Students will be selected by their teachers to attend on a first come, first served basis. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and distinguished professionals as they explore the topics of physical and mental wellness, brand building, personal development in the areas of education and career choices, and how to effectively network and make meaningful connections for personal success.

Feed Your Future is designed to empower, connect and inspire a network of young women in Grades 9 – 12!


2020 Feed Your Future

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