Growing Minds

The Growing Minds Program provides Medicine Hat and area students with the opportunity to experience the farm.

Growing Minds provides unique, hands-on learning opportunities for children to learn about where their food comes from. The program has been carefully designed to educate young consumers about Alberta agriculture. Learning takes place at a dedicated learning farm. Teachers book fieldtrips in both the spring and fall. Highlights include animal care, milling wheat into flour, gathering eggs and harvesting pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.
“When we started Growing Minds in 2009, I just had a small garden, but we invited kids to come out to the farm and plant in the spring. The program was on a much smaller scale. I love introducing children to the farm and to agriculture and allowing them to experience life up close and personal by feeding animals and learning about crops,” says Nichole.

With growing program demand, Nichole got in touch with Ag for Life, and posed the question:“We have schools that want to learn about agriculture. I have the program and the facilities, and the interest is more than I can support.  Is there something we can do? ”

Growing Minds no longer qualifies as “small scale.” Over 3300 students visited Neubauer Farms this past year, with another 3000 students scheduled to visit during the spring/fall 2019.

Ag for Life funding covers the user fees so that all Medicine Hat and area school children have equal access to this great program.

“We’re beyond thrilled with the funding. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to partner and fulfill the vision that we share,” says Nichole. “We believe every child in school should be learning about agriculture and where their food comes from.”

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