Farm Safety Walkabout

Did you know agriculture is one of the most hazardous occupations worldwide? In Alberta between 1990-2009, 355 Albertans were killed in agricultural injury events, this equates to 18 deaths each year, 4 among children aged 0-14.

The top causes of deaths among children were machine run-overs, rollovers, drownings and animal related injuries. The good news is we can work together to reduce the risk of farm injuries and illness by evaluating the risks and controlling them.

Farm incidents can be prevented through safety education including the implementation of safety protocols and procedures. Every farm is different, however common hazards on the farm include: animals, chemicals, confined spaces, electricity, heights, machinery, noise, vehicles, water and weather. This resource is aimed at assisting farm operators, parents, children and new and young farm workers in identifying some of these potential hazards and encouraging them to have open conversations about farm safety and ways to keep themselves and others safe.

The Farm Safety Walkabout is a family activity where parents can guide their family, extended family or even new employees through checklists, discussions, and activities focused on farm safety. Although this resource is structured for farm families the walkabout activity and discussion is very useful to encourage a farm safety culture with employers and young and new farm workers. Effective injury prevention must be a concern of all those that are present on the farm. This activity will increase your awareness of farm child safety, owner/operator safety and the safety of hired workers by facilitating positive safety related behavior changes.

Family members are in the best position to encourage a culture of farm safety. Each family member must play an ACTIVE role in injury prevention and control through identification and reduction of farm hazards. Family members should also be prepared to properly respond to farm injuries that do occur.

Download the Walkabout: Ag for Life 2018_FarmSafety Walkabout

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