Empowering young workers with farm safety knowledge

Youth working on the farm are exposed to a life of new opportunities along with potential safety hazards. Teaching them to be safe while they work is the goal of Young Farm Workers Safety Training workshops developed by Ag for Life.

While youth are often inexperienced in handling new tasks, they also may find it intimidating to ask for proper instruction or question authority figures. The workshops provide junior and senior high school students the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to keep themselves and those around them safe on the farm and in future work environments.

Participants learn about a wide variety of safety topics delivered by local volunteers and safety experts. Some of the topics covered in the hands-on workshop include:

  • Hazard assessment and control
  • Overhead and underground Utility safety
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Large Equipment
  • Large Animals
  • Chemicals

Together with its farm partners, Ag for Life has built a program that focuses on developing a culture of safety based on making good choices and on injury prevention. The program is divided into classroom theory and tour-based sessions with in-depth discussion and demonstrations on topics of interest such as livestock handling, chemicals, large equipment, and overhead and underground infrastructure hazards.

To request the Rural Safety Unit in your community, please register at http://agricultureforlife.ca/rural-safety-unit-registration/

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