Bringing Ag to the Classroom: Minus the Mess

From a farmer’s daily management of their crop, livestock and running a business, to cutting-edge technologies being developed and refined, there’s no shortage of interesting examples and subjects for teachers to draw on. Ag for Life’s Agriculture in Alberta Teacher Toolkit is a reference booklet filled with basic information on various Alberta agricultural topics.

Finding a connection to the curriculum is simple – for example take social studies. Students learn about economics, geography, natural resources, the role of all levels of government, global issues and cultural diversity – all of which impact the agricultural industry.

Science is filled with hot topics and day-to-day agricultural applications – from genetic modification and engineering plant and animal biology, innovative technologies environmental impacts of water and carbon emissions.

The toolkit contains basic information on major agricultural commodities, differences between organic and conventional agriculture, how farmers care for livestock and what farms do to lesson environment impacts of crop and animal production. The toolkit also includes statistics and information about careers in agriculture, common farm equipment safety information and facts about animal welfare.

Teachers can sign up for Ag for Life’s newsletters, access resources and register for programs at

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