Agriculture 101: Food and Farming

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Ag for Life’s Ag 101: Food and Farming program will allow junior and senior high students to explore various aspects of where their food comes from, what goes into its production, and how those factors can affect human health, the environment, and farm animal welfare. They will also have a chance to discover the different career paths in Alberta’s thriving agriculture sector while working with industry experts and farmers.

Registration is now open.

Alberta teachers and principals are encouraged to sign up for the Ag 101 program. Program capacity is 200 students per day– one half-day per 100 students. Ag for Life, along with local producers and industry experts will lead six interactive, hands-on stations that your students will rotate through. This program will take place in your school.
Ag 101 can be tailored to meet the needs of your curriculum. Teachers can choose an overarching theme such as environmental sustainability, or they can choose from a list of topics, such as genetic engineering, pesticide use, animal welfare, technology, or agriculture marketing, to name a few.
The program will showcase agriculture from the farm gate to the food plate, while providing teachers with an exciting way to meet curriculum objectives, throughout CTF and CTS, science and biology with a focus on sustainability, genetics and technology, social studies with a focus on globalization and economics, health, and foods.

To register for this program, please contact Ag for Life’s Program Coordinator, Heather Hanlon at There is no charge to schools to participate in this program.

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