Mr. Doug Beever

Who I Am: For 25 years, Doug Beever has held roles of increasing responsibility within Agrium Inc., including, Manager, Marketing Services; Senior Director, Corporate Relations and his current role as Senior Director, Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations. He is responsible for Agrium’s Government Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility communications. In addition to the Agriculture for life Board, Doug devotes his time to the Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada, the Climate Change Emission Management Corporation, Alberta Innovates, Energy and Environmental Solutions boards. Doug is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, where he earned his Masters degree in Soil Science. While he resides with his family in Calgary, he also owns a small farming operation east of Rivers and Oak River, Manitoba. Agrium is a leading retailer supplier of agricultural products and services in the Americans and Australia and a global producer, marketer and distributor of crop nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate and potash).

Why I think Agriculture is Where it’s At: Too many people in the world go hungry each day. In addition, there are far too many individuals injured while working to provide the world with the everyday food we need. By working in partnership, Doug believes the agriculture industry is stronger together and will be able to meet this global food security challenge. Meeting this challenge can be done in a safe and sustainable manner.

Why Ag for Life: Agrium supports Agriculture for Life because of its capacity to bring together stakeholders who support sustainable food production and farm safety. In recognizing the strength of working together, it allows those groups to make meaningful and long term change for society’s betterment. Through these partnerships we can break the cycle of good programs starting and failing due to a lack of resources.


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