Mr. Bill Whitelaw

Who I Am: Bill Whitelaw is an experienced senior executive with the Glacier Media Group. In this role, he oversees Glacier’s agricultural and energy portfolios of information products and services. Glacier Media is Canada’s largest provider of essential information for farmers and agribusiness. Its portfolio includes well-known brands such as Western Producer, Grainews, Canadian Cattlemen, Alberta Farmer Express, Manitoba Co-operator, Country Guide and Ag Dealer. It delivers relevant and timely content through diverse print and digital channels and other platforms. Its brands have served their industry sectors in some cases for nearly a century.

Why I Think Agriculture Is Where It’s At: Sustaining Canada’s economy is critical to the country’s overall well-being – yet most Canadians generally don’t understand how they can actively be part of an industry that is so central to their lives. Canadians of all ages, as they look into the future, need to be more global in their perspectives and outlook. Deepening their understanding of what agriculture is – and how it works – will let them be more integrated in the conversations that will define how effectively Canada plays apart in feeding the world.

Why Ag for Life: Agriculture will always remain core to the way Canadians live. But like any industry, agriculture is in a constant state of dynamic change. That means there will always be the need for new, creative and diverse ways to think about issues such as sustainability, innovation, productivity and safety. Ag for Life’s board and structure will serve that purpose well. Ag for Life is about co-ordination and coherence; but it’s also about pride and passion. The name sums it up. But if we’re going to truly enjoy agriculture for life, we have to be driven to how to understand what that wonderful life entails.

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