Glenn Logan


Who I Am: Our family operates Wheatcrest Farms Inc.  It is a Southern Alberta business that has been a part of this community since 1904. The farm is primarily a Pedigreed Seed business. Wheatcrest operates a seed processing plant, feedlot and has a beef cow herd. My wife Marie and myself, son Doug and Heather, daughter Tamara and Shin and seven grandchildren work together on the farming operation. The grandchildren are the sixth generation to live on this land. The farm is comprised of irrigation and dryland. The following list is some of the organizations that Glenn has been a part of: Past director of Alberta Cattle Commission, Chairman of the Alberta Promotion Committee, Executive member of Beef Info Centre, Director of Canadian Cattlemens Association,  Past Chairman of Alberta Barley Commission and now Chair of Market Development, Vice Chairman of Alberta Seed Growers Association, Director of Bow River Irrigation District, Director of the Alberta 4-H Foundation, 4-H leader for 33 years, Shareholder of SeedNet, Canterra, FP Genetics, Secan, and a seed grower for 25 years.

Why I Think Agriculture Is Where It’s At: Glenn believes in the positive future for agriculture, there will be many changes and challenges that will also present many opportunities. Farms will change, be more dependent on technology and have the need to analyse huge volumes of information. Many pressures will be exerted on agriculture by a sometimes not so understanding consuming public. Agriculture will need to spend more and more time educating society about their food and where it comes from. I believe that success will be defined by the partnerships we develop and the relationships we form.

Why Ag for Life: That holds true for Ag for Life too, we have a strong vision for the future but it will take partnerships to make it happen. Together, the ag industry and Ag for Life need to help secure the future for agriculture. Public acceptance of agriculture and people who produce their food is critical to secure that future. There was group of people who had a vision of how that could be accomplished. We worked for several years to develop that vision, I feel so fortunate to be one of those people and I would like to thank the rest of that committee for sharing their vision which became Ag for Life. Martin Luther King Jr. had a saying “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter“.














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