Bruce Banks


Who I Am: Born and raised on a farm in northeast Saskatchewan, Bruce is a proud father of two and grandfather of three. Bruce has dedicated much of his career to his love of agriculture, and recently retired (April 29, 2016) as CEO of the 4-H Foundation of Alberta where we worked for the past 16 years. Bruce and his wife live in the small community of Westerose.

Why I think Ag Is Where It’s At: The majority of people involved in agriculture have a passion for producing, processing, and selling products that we in society need every day. In November 2011 the United Nations announced that the planets population had surpassed 7,000,000 billion people! In less than 40 years they predict that an additional 2,000,000 billion people will be in need of health food, and nutrition. My experience of agriculture is that it’s just not an industry it’s a way of life that everybody in the world relies on, and needs.

Why Ag for Life:  Having an opportunity to support Agriculture Educational programs that will educate both rural and urban residents has been a passion of Bruce for many years. The future of Ag for life will benefit communities and partnerships and create a meeting place that will benefit the future of agriculture.

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