Ag for Life is a charitable organization dedicated to building a greater understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its fundamental connection to life.

We are ALL Agriculture

Agriculture is critical to every aspect of life, whether you are a city-dweller, a canola-grower, rancher, or tend to a backyard garden. It is the foundation of Alberta’s society and economy, and it is our mission to help Albertans understand the incredible depth and opportunity that agriculture affords.

Since 2011, Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) has played a vital role in educating Albertans about agriculture, food, farming and safety. Working in collaboration with agriculture and education communities, Ag for Life develops, expands and offers hands-on educational programming to children, youth and adults throughout the province and beyond via virtual learning classrooms and other digital assets.

We believe everyone should understand and appreciate where their food comes from, and that those farm families working hard to produce our food stay safe and injury free.

We bring agriculture to life.

We’re in it for Life!

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